Issue Advocacy and Citizen engagement


  • For organizations pushing for a change in policy or practice,
  • For organizations engaging citizens on a specific issue of development, rights and governance,
  • For organizations looking to engage policy makers on issues,
  • For groups and movement looking to strengthen their capacity to influence decision makers,
  • For groups and movements looking to grow and consolidate their movement,
  • For organizations doing advocacy or with a an interest to structure their advocacy work,
  • For organizations looking to develop their campaign capacity or that of their partners.



  • Campaign strategy development,


  • Development of theory of change and critical pathways,


  • Training of campaigners and other relevant staff,


  • Operational planning,


  • Perception studies,


  • Popular mobilization strategy,


  • Events organizing,


  • Campaign brand development,


  • Message development,


  • Production of print and audio visual materials,


  • Celebrity liaison and relationship management,


  • Social media management,


  • Media relations and training,


  • Training of journalists on issues.

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