Play for the Union






  • Develop and implement a concept for the launch of a pan African campaign on the African union



Paula is a 19-year from semi rural Mozambique who manages her uncle’s kiosk. Irungu is a 72-year-old man from Nairobi Kenya, Alexis is a 14-year-old farmer from a hillside town in Rwanda and Brigitte is a 24-year-old woman who was forced to marry at age 15. They all have something in common, they love football and can play, very well. Paula is sure she can teach a lesson or two to Drogba, Irungu thinks he is Roger Mila, Alexis is sure he is the next Ronaldinho, Brigitte is in love with Samuel Eto. For 5 months, the campaign will mobilize at least 10 000 people by following the lives of Paula, Irungu, Alex, Brigitte and 18 other Africans as they struggle to live the lives that the African Union and its various instrument promise, just as they train and plan to play a friendly game at the 2012 June African Union Summit in Malawi.



  • Awareness was created during the launch in Libreville (almost 1,500 people),
  • Selection of 22 players from 22 different African countries and training on the 14 African union instruments, their roles as SOTU ambassadors and how to influence policy changes,
  • Patrick Mboma attended the meetings in Addis-Ethiopia and Malawi,
  • John Tesema, an international coach recognized by FIFA joined the Play For The Union team and trained the teams in Addis Ababa and Malawi,
  • 25,000 fans in just 6 months,
  • 12 solidarity messages from 11 international players were recorded in Libreville, Yaoundé and Blantyre,
  • Benin agreed to sign the African Charter on Democracy, Election and Governance,
  • President Bakili Muluzi commits to push Malawi to sign the African Charter on Democracy, Election and Governance,
  • 8,933 signatures collected before, during the Grand Unity Game and online.

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